German sausage in curry sauce museum

Discover the exciting world of Berlin's most famous delicacy - the Currywurst. Take a tour of exploration and experience the hands-on exhibition of the Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin. Of course you can try a curry sausage for yourself.

Since basically everything in the museum is interactively  designed, you can touch, test and participate: virtual Currywurst making, a spice chamber with sniffing stations, a sausage sofa to relax, audio stations in ketchup-bottle shape with iconic songs about the Currywurst or an original snack bar on wheels for your photos. 


7th Top Tour Bus stop: Checkpoint Charlie
Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin
Schützenstraße 70
10117 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0) 30 887 186 47

hours of opening:

daily from 10 h am - 6 h pm